Monthly Calendar

Group Monthly Programs

  • Small Group Classes.
  • Convenient automatic renewal every 4 weeks.
  • Can stop at the end of any 4 week period.

Qi Gong Monthly Bronze Pack

One Class per week plus Foundation of Qi Gong.

Qi Gong Monthly Arc Pack

All Qi Gong sections, including Foundation and Healing.

Lifetime Enrollment

Purchase this item if you're enrolling in Water Mountain for your first program at the bronze or better level, including specialist packs.

Kung Fu Monthly Bronze Pack

1 Kung Fu Class per Week.  Team practices are also included for free.

Kung Fu Monthly Arc Pack

Day or Evening Training Arc Program.  Teams training included for free.

Kung Fu Arc Pack Annual

12 months of a kung fu arc pack at a savings of 7% over monthly.

Add On Annual

1 Year Add On with an additional 5% savings over monthly.

Add On Monthly

Add an additional bronze or arc pack in qi gong or kung fu at a tremendous savings.