• Rapid Joint Locking

Intro to Chin Na


2 Private Lesson Pack in rapid, joint locking.  Safe and effective.

19 in stock (can be backordered)

19 in stock (can be backordered)


  • A consult to fit the pack to you.
  • Two 30 minute private lessons with a committed expert.
  • Post-consult.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back!
  • FREE Gift #1: Master Steenrod’s $17.95 Guide, “How to Steal the Secret Thoughts from a Criminal’s Mind and Use Them Against Him!”  This guide gives broad insight into the criminal mind, reveals what the police can’t do for you, and talks about what you must do for yourself!
  • FREE Gift #2: An 8×11 glossy, color photo taken right after your lesson.  The photo shows you with the confident glow of Chin Na.  (A $4 value to have it printed at a photo booth!)
  • FREE Gift #3: A mounted certificate of accomplishment you will be proud to show to friends and family members.  (A $7.84 Value)


**With an offer like this, the pack is limited to 1 per customer!


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